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Re: workin on Openldap-2.4.7

I make a 2.4.8 port for testing, no bdb flavor, just enabled by
default, since no reason disable bdb for product env:

You can download prebuild binary for i386:


2008/3/22, divya shree <maildinu_divya@yahoo.co.in>:
> Hii
> I am doin a project where in i hav to use Ldap to provide a single login 4
> various services used..
> I hav successfully installed the openladp-2.4.7 server...by configuring the
> slapd.conf file...
> i wanted more info of LDAP client utilities..n how to query the server...n
> also wat should b my next step to achieve the objective...
> Thanks and Regards
> Divya
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