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Re: Changing attribute values on the consumer

Kyriakos Stefanidis wrote:

On Fri, Mar 14, 2008 at 11:26 AM, Gavin Henry <ghenry@suretecsystems.com
<mailto:ghenry@suretecsystems.com>> wrote:

    Kyriakos Stefanidis wrote:
     > Hello all,
     > Is it possible to change the attribute values on the consumer (of the
     > replication scheme) or add new attributes and preserve them during
     > replication?

    I'm confused here? The Consumer is a replica in a replication
    configuration, so they atrributes etc. will be the same as a provider.

     > Im using external scripts that refresh the values/attributes regulary
     > but I was wondering if there is another more "elegant" way
     > Best Regards
     > Kyriakos

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Its the case where the provider and the consumer exist under diferent administrative domains. I have administrative rights on the consumer and I have replication rights from the provider (part of the provider's tree via syncrepl).

In order to make the consumer useful for my services, I need some extra
attributes. Therefore, while the consumer gets regular updates and
additions from the provider, I need to be able to add some extra
attributes on the consumer (for each new entry).

To make things more complicated, I also need to be able to put some
default values (diferent than the ones that the provider has) to some
existing attributes (for each new or updated entry).

An external script that changes/refreshes those attributes on the
consumer (for each entry) regulary (eg: right after each replication
update) is one solution. I was wondering if syncrepl or some other
application could make things more elegant and robust

slapo-translucent would help here. You would need to setup an additional database on the consumer slapd to contain the translucent data.
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