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Solaris 10 Native LDAP Client TLS

Hello Guys,

 I am having some issues to configure LDAP Native client with TLS. Please help me to sort out this issue

LDAP Server: Linux (OpenLdap),

LDAP Client: Solaris 10 (Native Client)

When I run following command to test, it works fine,

ldapsearch -v -h test -p 636 -Z -P /var/ldap/cert8.db -b "dc=test,dc=com" -s base "objectclass=*"

ldapsearch: started Fri Mar 14 18:11:57 2008

ldap_init( test, 636 )
filter pattern: objectclass=*
returning: ALL
filter is: (objectclass=*)
version: 1
dn: dc=test,dc=com
objectClass: dcObject
objectClass: organization
o: test.com web site
dc: test
1 matches

But When I run ldapclient command to initialize ldapclient, it doesn't work, please guide me where I am doing wrong

ldapclient -v manual -a defaultServerList=
-a defaultSearchBase=dc=test,dc=com
-a authenticationMethod=tls:simple
-a serviceAuthenticationMethod=pam_ldap:tls:simple
-a serviceAuthenticationMethod=keyserv:tls:simple
-a serviceAuthenticationMethod=passwd-cmd:tls:simple
-a credentialLevel=proxy
-a proxyDN=cn=Manager,ou=People,dc=test,dc=com
-a proxyPassword=passwd

After that when I run ldaplist command, I get following in /var/adm/messages

Mar 14 18:15:16 subx05-t1 nfs4cbd[1638]: [ID 293258 daemon.warning] libsldap: Status: 91 Mesg: openConnection: failed to initialize
TLS security (security library: bad database.)

Please help me guys :) I know I am very near to get it working



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