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Re: LDAP Writes are not propagated to mirror nodes.

Dave Horsfall wrote:
On Wed, 12 Mar 2008, Howard Chu wrote:

syncrepl_updateCookie: rid=001 be_modify failed (16)
I took a look at this just now. This is a (stupid) interaction between
syncrepl and syncprov's checkpoint; syncprov has already updated the
contextCSN so when syncrepl tries to delete the old value it fails
because syncprov has already deleted it.

Interesting; that's exactly what I'm seeing (2.4.7 + patches from 2.4.8) in a master/slave configuration.

The simple workaround for now is to just turn off the
syncprov-checkpoint. It's unnecessary in the mirror/multimaster config
since syncrepl will always keep the contextCSN up to date itself.

What about master/slave? I can just ignore it?

I would just turn off the syncprov-checkpoint in all cases.

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