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Re: samba + openldap ->connexion to PDC impossible !

On Wednesday 12 March 2008 17:31:45 franck dufau wrote:
> but when  i want add my win xp into the domaine ! impossible !

The only aspect of this that has anything to do with LDAP is whether samba has 
the LDAP access it requires. Did you provide the password for the "ldap admin 
dn" to samba, by running either:

# smbpasswd -w
# smbpasswd -w mypassword

(where mypassword is the password for your "ldap admin dn")

You can check whether samba has the access it requires by running something 
like 'smbpasswd toto', or 'pdbedit -L'. However, which account to use, how to 
join etc. really has *nothing* to do with LDAP ...