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Re: Paging C/C++ API

On Dienstag, 11. März 2008, Yishai Hadas wrote:
> Hello,
> Can someone gives a reference to any C/C++ code that can be used on
> Linux machine:
> *         Connects to Microsoft AD (or to any other LDAP server)
> *         Retrieves results based on the paging mechanism described
> under RFC2696.
The "ldapsearch" command does support this (see the ldapsearch(1) man 
page for details. Source code can be found in the OpenLDAP sources 
( ./client/tools/*.c and ./libraries/libldap/pagectrl.c ).
Another example would be the nss_ldap module.

> *         Which OpenLDAP rpm for Linux is needed here ?
As the OpenLDAP project does not ship any prebuild packages (RPMs, 
whatever) this depends on the distribution you are using. In SUSE Linux 
e.g.  you'll find ldapsearch in the openldap2-client.rpm other 
distributors use different names.