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dynamic groups

Dynamic Lists


I have a question about dynamic grousp ( lists ).
For every department in our hospital we have six groups



and so on.

Is it possible to configure openldap the way that every user of any
department group becomes also user in a dynamically generate all
containing main department group

DEP_A  contains all the users of DEP_A_GRP1 to 6
DEP_B  contains all the users of DEP_B_GRP1 to 6

This should work for primary and secondary groups and the added dynamic
group should be a secondary group.

Because we use also the slapo-memberof the memberof=DEP_A ... attribute
should also be returne for the users of DEP_A_GRP1 to 6.

Is this possible and could anyone please tell me how to configure this ?

Andreas Moroder