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Re: ldap group name resolving problem

On Friday 29 February 2008 19:43:30 Christian Weihrauch wrote:
> Hi,
> I have problems with debian etch Linux clients resolving group names
> served by our LDAP server. user and passwd work because I can login
> properly.

Do you have other clients which work correctly?

> "getent group" properly shows the group served by the LDAP server.
> eg: #getent group
> mygroup:x:1000:chris

So, resolving group names actually works.

> However "id username" only shows LDAP served groupIDs but not their names.
> eg: #id chris
> uid=1002(chris) gid=1000 groups=1000,20(dialout)
> This means that I can't do things like chgrp eg: "chgroup mygroup
> directoryname" gives:
> "chgrp: invalid group `mygroup'"

I would stop nscd first, and test again.

> I am using nscd and nsswitch.conf says:

(note that nsswitch doesn't have that much to do with nscd ... but nscd can 
make changes in nsswitch.conf take longer to apply, due to caching)

> passwd:         files ldap
> group:          files ldap
> shadow:         files ldap

I assume both the above commands (getent group, and id chris) were run as the 
same user, if not, you should specify if they were run as root or not in each 
case, as this could be a binddn/anonymous vs rootbinddn issue.