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Shutdown of the OpenLDAP-Software list in favor of the OpenLDAP-Technical list

The Project has decided to shutdown the OpenLDAP-Software list in favor of the more broadly chartered OpenLDAP-Technical list.  This change is intended to eliminate a significant burden upon the list moderators (OpenLDAP-Software list, unlike the OpenLDAP-Technical list, has long had a narrow charter and strict moderation policy).

On May 29th, all new threads will be rejected by the moderator with a note to take them to the OpenLDAP-technical list.  A week will be given for active threads to be concluded (or moved to the openldap-technical list).   On June 5th, the list will be shutdown.  Archives will remain available.

Subscribers of the OpenLDAP-Software list will NOT automatically be subscribed to the OpenLDAP-Technical list.  Each person who wishes to follow the openldap-technical list must subscribe themself to the openldap-technical list.

-- The OpenLDAP Project