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Re: syncrepl problem - nothing updated after initial syncronisation

Dieter Kluenter wrote:
> Rein Tollevik <rein@OpenLDAP.org> writes:
>> No! This is required when using a common config, which again is
>> implied by a replicated cn=config.  Each server in a multi-master
>> configuration *must* have separate serverIDs, and using the URI
>> version of the serverID is the only way multiple servers with the
>> same config can achieve that.
>> The URI part of the serverID must match (one of the) listeners slapd
>> uses (its -h arguments).  Start the servers with "-d config" and
>> verify that they report different and non-zero SID= values.
> This will lead to a contextCSN with a serverID 000 reference and will
> disable any synchronization.

I've done some experimenting:

Yes the server was starting up with a SID of 0 which is why replication is 
failing. After some testing I've discovered that if I use a hostname rather 
than an IP address then the servers do get the correct SID at startup, and 
do replicate correctly. Is this a bug or a missing note in the docs?

Additionally in my first attempt, the 2nd server has started up from a 
minimal config, correctly replicated all the config, then the main DB from 
the 1st server. It then continued to replicate across all changes to server 
1. However any changes on server2 weren't applied to server1 until I 
restarted server 1. Server 1 then caught up with the changes from server 2.

Since then every seems to be fine and everything is replicating in both 
directions. Can I presume this is an oddity that I'll encounter the first 
time I bring a new server online, or is something I should be more worried 
about? My next step is to add a 3rd server into the mix.