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Re: configure can't find tls

Jeronimo Zucco wrote:
Jon Roberts escreveu:
Fedora 7
OpenSSL 0.9.8e
Heimdal 0.8.1
Cyrus-SASL 2.1.22
OpenLDAP 2.3.36
I built Heimdal and Cyrus-SASL without issue using the same environment and they appeared to find this OpenSSL install. What is OpenLDAP configure looking for that it isn't finding?

Did you install openssl-dev package ?

No, because I installed OpenSSL from tarball into /usr/local. As I said, Heimdal and Cyrus-SASL (also from tarballs) compile fine against my OpenSSL libraries, but OpenLDAP is not finding them.

Thanks for the response, and let me know if I'm still missing something.

Jon Roberts