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Problem when insert and modify entry with many attribute

i've installed openldap 2.3.20 and Berkeley db 4.2.52.
I'm trying to import an entry with 500000 attributes (attribute is the same
and is multivalue) with slapadd.


domain: domain1.it
domain: domain2.it

I obtain the error when i'm using BDB database:

../sbin/slapadd -v -f ../etc/openldap/slapd.conf -l finale.ldif

added: "o=mailce" (00000001)
added: "cn=Manager,o=mailce" (00000002)
bdb(o=mailce): Lock table is out of available locks
=> bdb_idl_insert_key: c_get failed: Cannot allocate memory (12)
=> bdb_tool_entry_put: index_entry_add failed: Accessing a corrupted shared
library (80)
=> bdb_tool_entry_put: txn_aborted! Accessing a corrupted shared library
slapadd: could not add entry dn="providerName=test,o=mailce" (line=3000036):
txn_aborted! Accessing a corrupted shared library (80)

Setting in slapd.conf:
database bd
cachesize 4000000
checkpoint  512 720
searchtack 5

I don't have any error when I'm using LDBM database. If add the entry with LDBM database I've this problem:

I'm searching to modify the entry ( add attribute  , modify attribute ,
etc ).
I'm using ldapmodify, but the operation time is very long and I cannot
modify the entry.

Could you help me ?