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syncrepl: multiple syncrepl directives per backend



I'm working on a replication topology with slapd 2.3 servers. I have some
questions but I couldn't find the answers by searching on the Internet so I
hope that you guys could help me.


I'm trying to implement a topology with one master and multiple slaves. The
special part is that I would like it to be a ring topology where each slave
replicates from its two neighbors. This way I could change the master server
without having to reconfigure each slave (the referral information is passed
with cn=config part of which is also replicated). Also if the master server
is not operational for some time I could easily reassign the master role to
another slapd. So, my questions are:


Can I have multiple syncrepl directives for a single backend with OpenLDAP
2.3? And if this is possible, can these syncrepl directives all refer to the
same namespace? 


A more general question is can the above topology be implemented with
OpenLDAP 2.3?