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Re: Replication VS copying the master DB

I do see it is pretty fast... But my problem is the slave db may have gotten corrupted... I'm not too sure, if the data is intact in the slave to continue with the replication. So, I'm looking at the master DB... Of course I can do a slapcat from the master and then do a slapadd on the slave and then restart the replication from that point. But if I can just do a simple copy of the master db, it saves me a lot of time...

But I'm not sure, if it is proper to copy the master db to the slave...


matthew sporleder wrote:

If you're replicating with slurpd, it's pretty fast.

On 2/26/06, Krishna Sivaramapuram <krishna@everyone.net> wrote:

We're using Openldap 2.3.19 with BDB 4.3.29.

I had stopped replication for a few days to figure out some problems in
our slave machine... Now I've a huge amount of data to replicate... I
was wondering if I should just copy the entire db from the master to the
slave. Is it recommended to copy the master DB to the slave? I know that
we can copy slave db files to another slave. But I haven't seen anything
that says we can copy the db files from the master to a slave. Is this
safe or should I just the replica catch up?