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Re: ldapmodify

At 11:12 AM 2/25/2006, Anil Ramsingh wrote:
>I need to add a mail attribute to 100k users in the form of
>FirstName.LastName@domain.ca. Is there any simple way of doing this with
>ldapmodify or ldapadd? Should I export to ldif, modify and then reimport?

ldapmodify(1) can request any valid LDAP update operation.
Unforunately, there is no single LDAP operation that can
perform what you want.  You can, of course, write a single
LDIF describing 100k modify operations and hand that
to ldapmodify(1).  Or you can dump the DB to LDIF, edit
the LDIF as desired, and load into a fresh DB using
ldapadd(1) or slapadd(8).