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Re: OpenLDAP not listening on port 389

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
As for LDAP, it is a protocol... If it can speak LDAPv3 to OpenLDAP 2.2, then it can speak LDAPv3 to OpenLDAP 2.3, too. ;) Not to say that they might not have some absolutely bizarre patch they want you to apply to OpenLDAP to do odd things like NTLM authentication, which is not part of OpenLDAP. If that is the case, then that might need work. If they are not having you patch OpenLDAP, then it should work just fine.

OE uses ACIs, for example, and won't work with certain versions of openldap-2.3 because of changes in that area. I know, ACIs are experimental, but they don't seem to know it.