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Re: OpenLDAP - SASL: user not found: no secret in database -

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

>> still having the problem I wrote about a few days ago, today I read
>> through chapter 23 of the admin's guide and thought mapping
>> authentication identities could it be. And it really was.
>> But it took me several hours and trying dozends of variations until it
>> worked. Maybe it's my fault for not looking at man slapd.conf earlier,
>> but I didn't expect that authz-regexp was named sasl-regexp before 2.3.
>> Of course the instructions from the current guide didn't work in my
>> 2.2.23 release (Debian).
> In general, it is good practice (and common sense) to use the
> documentation corresponding to the software release one is using.
> It is not clear from your message who you're blaming for this.

I don't blame anyone, sorry if it sounded so.
I just wanted to post the solution to the list, in case in future anyone
has the same problem.

I recognized to late, that the link on the main page is to a version
specific (2.3) guide and also that changes have been made between versin
in my particular area of interest.

Merely I explicite appreciate the comprehensive documentation available,
such isn't common in the open source world.