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Re: OpenLDAP with MySQL backend

> Hi there,
> Can anyone point me in the direction of some decent documentation on
> using OpenLDAP with a MySQL backend (debian specific would be nice but I
> can live with anything).
> I have been looking through the documentation and other than saying you
> use:
> database	sql
> it doesn't really go into any great detail. When I try and start slapd I
> get the error:
> 	Unrecognized database type (sql)

This message indicates your slapd has no builtin support for the SQL
database.  Either you rebuild it with static support for SQL database, or
you compile the SQL backend as a dynamic module and load it as indicated
in the documentation.  For examples on using slapd with the SQL database,
I suggest you look in the servers/slapd/back-sql/rdbms_depend/ directory. 
The example about MySQL is likely outdated, but it is supposed to work, at
least for a read-only database.


> I connot work out whether this is a configuration problem in my
> slapd.conf or something to do with my ODBC driver. I have included my
> configs below in case anyone has any ideas:

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