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Re: lastmod and index corruption

All this time I've been using 4.3 because I couldn't get 4.2 to work with
'set_cachesize 8 0 2'!  How embarrassing!

Maybe it didn't work until later versions of 4.2 or maybe I'm completely
crazy, but now I've definitely got no excuse but to dump 4.3.  The
question remains, though, of whether to go with 4.4 or 4.2.

You've been using 4.4 for a couple of months now, right Quanah?  Are there
still any outstanding kinks using it with OL 2.3?  The performance info
you gathered definitely has me looking at OL 2.3 with BDB 4.4 for our next
production deployment.

On Wed, 22 Feb 2006, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

>On Wednesday 22 February 2006 11:18, Eric Irrgang wrote:
>> I'll be looking at BDB 4.4 for OL 2.3.x but I couldn't get BDB 4.2 to work
>> with more than a total of 4 Gigs of db cache.  4.3 changed the limit from
>> "4 GB max" to "4 GB per cache segment".  Has a patch been backported to
>> 4.2 to resolve this limitation?
>I've not had an issue using > 4GB with BDB 4.2.52 under Solaris.. You just
>have to use more than one section, like:
>set_cachesize 8 0 2
>BDB 4.4 has the improvement of allowing you to have very large single
>In any case, you use BDB 4.3 at your own risk, as long noted.

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