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slapd circularity?

 I'm having trouble strong-binding Mac clients to an OpenLDAP server and I
think its due to my confusion about the SASL configuration. I'm seeing the

  slap_ap_lookup: str2ad(cmusaslsecretCRAM-MD5): attribute type undefined

in the slapd output. It looks like slapd is being querried for the
cmusaslsecretCRAM-MD5 attribute while I want slapd to use the userPassword
attribute where I've stored CRYPT passwords. (from an NIS conversion)
 For this to happen, do I configure SASL via /usr/lib/sasl2/slapd.conf to
use an ldapdb storage? If so, isn't this a bit circular? (Mac wants to bind
to slapd, slapd used SASL which then tries to look up the credentials in
 Or should I take this to the Cyrus SASL list? I'm confused.

Thanks for your time,