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Re: lastmod and index corruption

> Incidentally, gentlehup seems to be problematic, too, but I won't go into
> that...
> Anyway, I hope this helps someone out there who fails to heed the
> obligatory "upgrade to 2.3.x" warning.

Perhaps you could look into a backport? (Not sure if it'd even be accepted
into RE22 at this point, but beauty of open source, you certainly can
roll it yourself locally.)
 (2.3.13)         Fixed slapd gentlehup write restrict issue (ITS#3717)

Not too much "Fixed" happening in 2.2 lately. Insert obligatory warning
here--upgrades are good. (And I'm probably more hosed than anybody with
2.3 at the moment, since I'm apparently the only person experiencing
syncrepl choosing to delete things at its discretion, or at least the only
person crazy enough to notice and speak up about it :)