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Re: make test failure

to den 16.02.2006 Klokka 11:02 (+0100) skreiv Katty Torla/UPC:

> With RedHat 4 ES Update 2 comes db 4.2.52-7.1.
> I've downloaded Berkeley DB 4.4.20 and make test works ok.

FWIW (I've found out the *HARD* way, after many years' source code
tarball installs - I used to be an SCO OpenServer and UnixWare sysadmin
- it pays to install *everything* via rpm on RHAS/RHEL. I've now got to
the stage where literally everything on my production RHAS4 servers is
rpm. Whether I make my own stuff or use someone else's.

I made my own db 4.2.52 rpms, Sleepycat's 4.2.52 rpm spec stinks, though
I admit to using it as the base for mine.

I made my own Cyrus SASL 2.1.21 spec, since Red Hat can't/won't keep up
(has no libldap, which I need for Postfix 2.2 SASL AUTH, just for one

I fiddled Buchan Milne's Mandriva OpenLDAP 2.3 srpm/spec so it builds
2.3.19 on my RHAS4 servers using my own db 4.2.52 rpm (God bless Buchan,
he's a genius, he spent many years on this). And his and Andreas
Hasenack's GQ stuff, without which I couldn't possibly manage my 2,000
or so users, who are subjected to OpenLDAP for everything, including
Windows 2k.

My experience with OL 2.3.19 and BDB-based delta syncrepl from a
provider to 2 consumers is, that it's simply fantastic on RHAS4, rock
solid (as is RHAS4 base on premium metal) and hugely resource rich. I'd
not move from BDB 4.2.52 to any later version without just about
everybody on this list telling me I have to.

Basically, Red Hat's RHAS4 is a 100% stable OS and I've fully committed
myself to RH. Just that it has its quota of hole-in-the-head
maintainers, as does every single other Unix or Linux vendor. The above
examples (and Fedora's "new" LDAP directory server) demonstrate a few of
them, most RHAS/RHEL stuff is perfic [TM H.E Bates].


Tony Earnshaw
Email: tonni@barlaeus.nl