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back-ldap retries

Sometimes, a copy of slapd running back-ldap and glue appears hung from a
user's persepctive. Sooner or later, I get in the log:

conn=89 op=2 ldap_back_retry: retrying URI="ldap://ldap.nbcs.rutgers.edu"; DN=""

and then things work again. I'm guessing that there's some sort of network
timeout. conn=89 op=1 was at 16:10:13, the retry message was 16:13:43, and
things looked bad from a user perspective for that 3:30.

I'm guessing that setting idle-timeout won't help because the connection
isn't idle, and the man page says that with the timeout keyword, "only
write operations are addressed." Is there any way to bring down the
"I give up and am going to retry" interval?

note, if this sounds like a bug rather than a configurable, I have gcore
from 16:11 available. But I think I just need a more aggressive