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Re: index_param failed

Curt Blank wrote:
I'm getting these:

<= bdb_equality_candidates: (uwmXythosUser) index_param failed (18)

and I saw Quanah say this is because the attribute, in my case uwmXythosUser, is not indexed. In this case that is true, uwmXythosUser is not indexed. It can be "Y", "N", or not exist and it is used in ACL filters to allow access to an application. I didn't think indexing it would pay off since if it exists 99% of the time it's going to be "Y". So/But should I index it to get rid of the error message? And/Or is not having it indexed detrimental to the DB and/or LDAP.

If you know that the attribute exists in 99% of your entries, then indexing is pointless. Just ignore the message. Otherwise, there will be some performance benefit to indexing.

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