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Re: newbie still: ldapdelete: why won't it.

At 03:27 PM 2/15/2006, Mark Worsdall wrote:
>jdw@thoth:~$ ldapdelete -x -w Fl0Cabs -D cn=admin,dc=shadshed,dc=com "uid=jdw,ou=People,dc=shadshed,dc=com"
>Delete Result: Internal (implementation specific) error (80)
>Additional info: could not locate parent of entry

This error indicates the server could not locate the
target entry's parent, that is, the entry named by
the DN "ou=People,dc=shadshed,dc=com".

In looking back at your ldapsearch(1) results in your
initial post on this subject, confirms this entry
is not present. 

It is unclear to me how you populated the server,
but I suspect you used slapadd(8) instead of ldapadd(1).
As slapadd(8) is primarily intended only to load data
produced by a slapcat(8), it doesn't perform all the
checks slapd(8) performs with ldapadd(1) changes.  This
makes slapadd(8) unsuitable for initial population of
the server, especially by a newbie.  ldapadd(1) should be
used instead to ensure full checking by slapd(8).  For
initial loading of entries, especially when you are not
sure your LDIF is pristine, you should use ldapadd(1).

Assuming your just playing around, I suggest you
start over (just remove all the files except DB_CONFIG
from your data directory and restart the server), following
the instructions in the quick start guide in the admin guide.

I note that it might be possible to repair the database,
but given your self-declared "newbie" status, I won't bother
to detail them.


>In message <43F3AC14.6090500@jonanddeb.net>, Jon Roberts <jon@jonanddeb.net> writes
>>Mark Worsdall wrote:
>>>>>ldapdelete -x -w Fl0Cabs -D cn=admin,dc=shadshed,dc=com "dn: uid=jdw,ou=People,dc=shadshed,dc=com"
>>Don't need the dn: in the target distinguished name.
>>>>>Delete Result: Invalid DN syntax (34)
>>>>>Additional info: invalid DN
>>>ldapdelete -x -w Fl0Cabs "cn=Mark Worsdall,dc=shadshed,dc=com"
>>>ldap_bind: Invalid credentials (49)
>>Need the -D cn=admin,dc=shadshed,dc=com to identify who you are authenticating as.
>>Jon Roberts
>Mark Worsdall