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Re: make test failure

At 10:56 AM 2/15/2006, matthew sporleder wrote:
>It looks like slapd never started.  Is something else listening on that port? 

If that were the case, the logs would have indicated a problem
opening a listener.

The problem, I suspect, is one of directory/file permissions OR
one of BerkeleyDB installation options.

Katty, you should 'make clean' in the tests directory and
make sure the sub-directory 'testrun' doesn't exist prior
to running the tests.  Then run 'make' again.  Then
'make test' should just work assuming you used the same
user identity through out the process (of extracting the
source, running configure, running 'make', etc.).

If it doesn't, well, then you should verify that Berkeley
DB was installed with full Transactional DB support.