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Re: Strange syncrepl? problem

Aaron Richton wrote:

How would "ou=smbMachines" versus "ou=smbMachine" have any relation to the
number of file handles? With that said...

Sorry, It probably confused the issue, it doesn't but it was something that I might run into soon, it seemed
to happen last time at the same time syncrepl stopped picking up changes (but that was with 2.3.18)
and I've got messages in the logs from yesterday with changes being picked up afterwards so that
seems ok. (2.3.19 with Quanah's patches)

I am using tcp wrappers and see it complaining about fd's. I'm pretty sure
that "last time" (and we're talking about OpenLDAP 2.2, maybe even 2.1
here) upping the ulimit worked. The ulimit hasn't changed (you can verify
that with pfiles(1)) and this started breaking "recently". I need to look
at this, but OpenLDAP has been low on my priority queue lately and we have
other networking provisions to accomplish the same job (tcp wrappers is
just an extra onion layer, and even if it's failing open I'm OK with that
for the weeks/month that it takes to get back to OpenLDAP).

Are you linking libwrap from /usr/sfw/lib or from your own sources? I was
considering trying the Sun one...

wrappers is from swf, though I compiled my own with the older 2.2 boxes. plimit reports 65536
plimit 10920
10920: /usr/local/libexec/slapd -f /usr/local/etc/openldap/slapd.conf
resource current maximum
time(seconds) unlimited unlimited
file(blocks) unlimited unlimited
data(kbytes) unlimited unlimited
stack(kbytes) 8192 unlimited
coredump(blocks) unlimited unlimited
nofiles(descriptors) 65536 65536
vmemory(kbytes) unlimited unlimited