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Change to directory do not get commited to disk ?


Sorry if this sound nebulous, I do not know where to start with this

I am running OpenLDAP 2.2.13 on RHEL 4 (Scientific Linux, actually).  I
am using the packages provided by the distribution.  My directory use
the dbd backend and I have db4 4.2.52 installed, in case it is related.

When I am making a change to my directory, adding an object for example,
I can see the change with ldapsearch no problem.  If I check the
database files (that are located in /var/lib/ldap, in my case), the
ctime remained unchanged.  That lead me to believe the change are not
commited to disk.

If I shutdown OpenLDAP cleanly, the ctime is updated no problem.  I can
restart OpenLDAP, and my previous changes are there.  I guess my change
are saved correctly then.

The problem is when OpenLDAP is shutdown uncleanly, such as when a power
failure occur.  When OpenLDAP is brought back up, all changes made after
the last clean restart are lost.  This happened to me recently, and I
lost quite a bit of data.

I do not believe this behavior is expected; I guess I have either a
configuration problem or a bug.  I do not know where to start looking to
fix the situation.  Do anybody have an idea what might cause this behavior ?

Thanks for your insights !

Etienne Goyer