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Re: openldap-2.3.19 fails test020-proxycache

Filippo Mesirca wrote:
Hello Luca, thanks for the reply.
Actually, something really strange is happening: I tried to re-run the test020, and I saw in files tests/testrun/slapd.*.log that slapd wasn't compiled with the debugging turned on: it was completely normal, since I passed to the configure the --disable-debug option. So, to see what errors are given when running test020, I turned the debugging on, recompiling openldap with the --enable-debug option, and leaving all the other options untouched... I ran the test020 for the n-th time and I saw that the test had successfully passed!!!

In sum: compiling openldap with --disable-debug gets test020 to fail... compiling openldap with --enable-debug gets all the tests (included test020) to pass....

What's happening? I think that enabling or disabling the debug shouldn't affect the tests and the program behaviour in any way...

The test script parses the debug output to discover if the caching features worked. With --disable-debug, there's no way to tell, so the script fails. The actual program functionality is unaffected either way.

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