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Re: when send 'cancel' in persist sync mode ?


I just read the draft of sync and wondered the usage of 'cancel' message.


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Subject: Re: when send 'cancel' in persist sync mode ?

> --On Monday, February 13, 2006 1:36 PM +0800 William 
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>> Hi,
>>> Your question makes no sense. There is no specific time any consumer
>>> "should" send a cancel request. The consumer listens for as long as
>>> you're interested in receiving updates. When you decide you're not
>>> interested any more, you can just shutdown the consumer.
>> thanks for reply,
>> can consumer be configed so that it will stop after synced OK
>> instead of being shutdown ??
> Again, what you are asking makes no sense.
> The point of replication is for the consumer to stay in "sync" with the 
> master.  Stopping the synchronization is not a desired behavior.  Why do 
> you want to make your replicas stop being updated?
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