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Re: MAC OS/X authentication against OpenLDAP 2.3

If you're expecting the Macs to do simple binds, they're probably not.
(They probably did in earlier 2.3/2.2, but that was a bug in slapd.)
Either configure OpenLDAP to accept SASL binds, recompile --without-sasl,
or fake it with

access to dn.exact="" attrs=supportedSASLMechanisms by * none

any one of which will force DSLDAPv3 to downgrade to a simple bind.

On Fri, 10 Feb 2006, Francis Swasey wrote:

> I have just gotten clobbered because I completed upgrading the last of
> the ldap servers to 2.3.19 today and immediately all the Mac's on campus
> were unable to authenticate....
> Anyone else experience problems with Mac's authenticating against
> OpenLDAP 2.3 when they were able to with OpenLDAP 2.2?