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Need help to understand how LDAP sync work


I need to synchronyse few openldap directories. 

Kurt D. Zeilenga advised me to see:
slapd(8) supports LDAP sync (doc/draft/draft-zeilenga-ldup-sync),
an LDAP content synchronization mechanism. 

I have read the documentation, but i don't understand really how it's
work and how configure it .

My  questions :
1) this mechanism can synchronise few directories in seem time ?.  For
informatoin the directories are of use and not in backup.
2) it's possible to map the attributes i want to synchronise ? because
the directories are not structured a same way (uid (A) -> cn (B)), and i
don't need to synchronise all the attributes of an entry
3) is it really work fine to synchronise password ?
4) is it possible to use ldap sync with none openLdap directory ?
5) where i can found documentation what help me to configure it ?