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Re: BDB fragmented

It looks to me like DB 4.4 has a db->compact method that doesn't seem to
have been available in earlier versions.  I would think that this could
come in handy for collapsing btrees into fewer levels.  (back-bdb uses
btrees, right?)  This ought to reclaim storage and performance, even when
there haven't been any entries removed, shouldn't it?

Has anyone played with this yet or would it be worth experimenting with?

On Wed, 8 Feb 2006, Howard Chu wrote:

>Ansar Mohammed wrote:
>> Is there anyway to de-fragment the BDB backend?
>> I recently cleared out 40k objects and the database is the same size.
>Sounds like a question you'll find answers for in the BDB documentation.
>Generally there's no point in freeing up the space since it will just
>get reused the next time you add data.

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