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Re: upgrade to 2.3.19 from 2.1.22

matthew sporleder wrote:
And, 2.3.19 supposedly fixed a kernel problem involving solaris, is
there an ITS I can read about this?
The ITS referenced in the CHANGES file is #4357. The more interesting information is in ITS#3567. ITS#4216 was probably related as well but doesn't provide any useful insight. Basically Solaris returns ENOSYS to poll/select occasionally, even though that is not a documented failure code for poll or select. Apparently this happens if a file descriptor is closed at a particular point in time while poll/select are executing. It's quite difficult to reproduce with a dedicated test program. Essentially, close() is supposed to be atomic but poll/select is seeing the descriptor in an intermediate state while being closed. Perhaps now that Solaris has been open sourced someone will actually fix the kernel bug.

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