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Re: adding a user

You seem to be describing some sort of problem with the usage of -D.
Can you paste the command you try to use, and the relevant output,
associated logs, etc?

Also- make sure you don't have ldapadd aliased anywhere.

On 2/7/06, Brandon McCombs <bmccombs@ma.rr.com> wrote:
> Exactly how do I add a user from an .ldif file if openldap requires
> authentication but yet tries to authenticate as whatever user I'm logged
> in as instead of the user's DN that I specify with the -D as an argument
> to ldapadd? I want to bind as cn=manager,dc=mydomain,dc=com and it wants
> to bind as whatever user i'm logged in as and that IS NOT what I want.
> It is ignoring what I tell it and therefore it wonders why it doesn't work.