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Re: AW: LDAP 2.3.17 won't compile on Solaris 8 -- Openssl problem

Toby.Russell@vattenfall.de wrote:
Thanks for the replies.

I didn't know about the 2.3.17 Solaris bug, I'll give .19 a spin for sure. However, the problem -- and this is actually a little embarrassing -- turned out to be my LD_LIBRARY_PATH, which needed /usr/local/ssl/lib in there.

Don't use LD_LIBRARY_PATH. As Aaron Richton told you:

 you want a RPATH (LDFLAGS='-Lfoo -Rfoo').

In your case:

 export LDFLAGS="-L/usr/local/ssl/lib -R/usr/local/ssl/lib"

On the topic of LD_LIBRARY_PATH, see for instance http://www.visi.com/~barr/ldpath.html and http://blogs.sun.com/roller/page/rie/20040710