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Re: requirements for accessing schema in DIT

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
At 04:47 PM 2/6/2006, Howard Chu wrote:
Yes.... In practice

I'll note that I see slapd(8) eventually moving to a split schema model where certain items (e.g., syntaxes, matching rules) are managed server wide (in say "cn=Server Schema" and other items (e.g., DIT content rules, DIT structural rules, name forms) are managed on a subtree basis (possible restricted to a database instance) (in say "cn=Subschema,DatabaseSuffix", with some items (e.g., object classes, attribute types) managed either way.

Of course, we should still support the X.500/LDAP subschemaSubentry
discovery model.  Basically, when viewing (but not updating)
"cn=Subschema,DatabaseSuffix", items from "cn=Server Schema"
would be transparently included.

I see two factors driving slapd(8) in this direction:
  - complete replication (user application data + meta-data,
        including schema)
  - advanced X.500 features (e.g., DIT structural rules, etc.)


This is great and all but it doesn't answer my question. How do I list all object classes and attributes in one big list without doing a piecemeal schema search on every attribute that may be listed as an attribute within a specific object (which wouldn't give me all the possible object classes and attributes anyway).