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Re: (delta-)syncrepl and nagios

That's been on my todo list for over a year now. (So I'll join in the
request for a copy if there is such a script!)

If anybody does write this, it's important to note that something that
strictly compares contextcsns is likely useless (I think it would just be
a false positive disaster). Replication doesn't happen instantly; there
should be some sort of configurable threshold for "csns should be within

I've been meaning to ask the list: how many of you check up on your slaves
from a consistency perspective? What do you do? (contextcsn is the
approach I've wanted to take. Every time I get annoyed enough to write a
nagios plugin, I notice that everything is in sync and defer it...)

On Mon, 6 Feb 2006, Francis Swasey wrote:

> Has anyone already written a script to allow nagios to check the
> contextcsn value of a replica against the one on the master and
> determine if it is in sync or not?
> If so, may I borrow your work?