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Re: Replication oddity in 2.3.19

Dave Horsfall wrote:
Master: 2.3.19 on FreeBSD 4.10 (syncrepl).
Slave: 2.3.19 on FreeBSD 4.9.
BDB: 4.2.52_3

Update master, nothing happens (on link traffic). Interrogate slave: no change, even after several minutes. Interrogate master, then interrogate slave: see the change appear. Perfectly reproducible.

Some weird caching problem? Anyone else seen this?

There are cases where the main event handler in slapd may not take any action for a long time after an update. There's a change in HEAD to address this, but it wasn't rolled into 2.3. Since you say this is fully reproducible, please try compiling the syncprov.c from HEAD and see if the behavior changes. (The current HEAD syncprov.c is fully compatible with 2.3.)

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