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Re: Internal (implementation specific) error (80)

On 2/1/06 11:59 AM, Fabien Germain wrote:
I'm moving my current OpenLDAP to a new server. Old and new servers
are both RHEL 4, with OpenLDAP v2.2.13. I copied /var/lib/openldap/*
(dirty, I know, but it works) and /etc/openldap/* to the new server,
started it : ok, it works great. The problem is when I try to modify
or add a new entry, I got strange errors, then the LDAP base crashes
and I can't restart it :-( Moreover, I don't always have the same
error :

The recommended method for doing this is to use slapcat on the old server and slapadd on the new server.

Any suggestion ?

You may be able to get away with just making certain that the files are all owned by the ldap user and ldap group (RHEL does that) and that the /var/lib/ldap (and any subdirectories) are also owned by ldap/ldap -- probably should check that the permissions didn't change in the copy process too.

Or, take a step back and use the slapcat/slapadd as you really should have (the only file(s) you need to copy from the old servers /var/lib/ldap directory structure are the various DB_CONFIG files if you are using back-bdb)

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