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--On Monday, October 31, 2005 1:54 PM +0100 "Bakman, Henrik" <henrik_bakman@hp.com> wrote:


I'm quite new in using OpenLDAP in a production environment. What I have
understand, from recent postings in this list, it seems to be quite
important to have a configured DB_CONFIG to have a solid and tuned
openldap environment. I have found several FAQ's about it and there are
also the Sleepycat documentation.

But before I start to dig down in this documentation I wonder if there is
some sort of "beginners-guide-to-create-and-tune-a-good-db_config" or
some other good documentation about how to learn the tricks and avoid the
biggest mistakes in this area?

The biggest mistake is to not have one, so I think you are off to a good start in wanting to implement one. ;)

The problem is that the best tuning is always dependent on your specific environment, so it is really a process you are going to have to step through. I suggest reading this FAQ:



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