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Slurpd vs. Syncrepl



I'm using Slurpd for openldap replication in order to have master-slave high
availability in our production environment.

I saw Syncrepl mentioned on this list as another method to have a replica of
the directory. I've read about Syncrepl and how it works, but some parts of
the picture are still missing:


1. Is there any reason to change from Slurpd to Syncrepl? Syncrepl has a
much more complicated protocol, but in what ways is it preferable to Slurpd?

2. Are there any good reasons or situations where I should not use Syncrepl?

3. Does Syncrepl overcome any of Slurpd limitations? Can I have two servers
each replicating the other, so I can have a multi-master environment with
much easier failover?

Chen Shapira
eOperations - Israel
Ext: 2490 cell: 054497262


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