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Re: back-sql sqlquery


> >Iam not an C - programmer, but my question is it is possible to rewrite the
> >query generator to get faster sql?
> >
> >Thanks 
> > Thomas
> > 
> >
> Yes, of course. And since it's an open project anyone willing can work 
> on it and propose patches, fixes and enhancements.
> Oh, by the way, there are RDBMS that do not understand the sql keyword 
> 'join'...

Ok, what we want to do our usermanagement (posixAccount, sambaSamAccount
and so on) with ldap and backsql (PostgresSQL) so we _need_ more performance.

If its not possible to rewrite the actually backsql to sql with keyword 'join'
wie have to do a fork maybe an write a back-sql-postgres module or something else.

Is there a change in Openldap <-> backsql interface from time to time or
is this fix?

thanks a lot for your help