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ldapsearch with backend-LDAP

Hi all!!!

i,ve been doing some tests with ldapsearch on a distributed directory having two partitions, for
example: "dc=br" and "ou=bsa,dc=br"

the partition "ou=bsa,dc=br" has a backend LDAP to partition "dc=br" and when i peform a search
from partition "ou=bsa,dc=br" with the scope from "dc=br" the search returns all the objects from
the both partition ( according with the man page slapd-ldap(5) ) and shows the objects of a
inferior partition if it has, but... when i do the search on "dc=br" from itself its only shows
its own objects, if does exist a inferior partition it dont show, why does it happens??? wasn't it
supose to show all the objects below???

the command i've used to partition "ou=bsa,dc=br" is: ldapsearch -x -b "ou=bsa,dc=br"
the openldap version i am using is openldap-2.2.13
thx a lot for any help!!! :P


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