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Re: Corrupt LDAP DB ...

On Thursday 27 October 2005 18:59, Leigh Porter wrote:
> Hiya All,
> I also have seen this problem. I have a master and syncrepl OpenLDAP
> pair on various versions from 2.2.18

I don't think the OP was using syncrepl. Note that there are known issues with 
syncrepl providers on 2.2 ...

> to 2.2.2x and get seemingly random database corruption problems on the
> master. To fix this, I slapcat the slave,
> delete the master db and slapadd it to the master, delete the slave
> database and restart both - this of course fixes
> it all..

And db_recover ?

> When the problem presents itself, the master refuses to answer queries
> and usually hangs the connection, often
> there are quite a few active conenctions to slapd, all hung. If I
> slapcat the master's database, the slapcat will
> get to a certain point and then hang.

Sounds like slapd is running out of db environment/locks etc etc.

> I have no idea what could be causing this, we never caught it on a log
> :( It's odd as we are not doing much
> that is clever, not many updates but quite a few reads (ISP auth
> system). I did have a DB_CONFIG
> but deleted it as performance was fine without it and I removed it to
> rule it out.

But, maybe the database environment wasn't big enough to handle the few writes 
when under read load ... 

> At the moment I am testing 2.3.11 on some lab boxes, but as per the last
> posts syncrepl does not seem
> to work at the moment.

I'm seeing one issue on 2.3.11, the contextCSN on the suffix of a syncprov'd 
db doesn't seem to update as it should (even with a suitable 
syncprov-checkpoint and indexed entryUUIDs). Restarting the provider fixes 
that, and immediately synchronisation starts up again..

I may consider downgrading to 2.3.9 with patches ...

> . On the subject of which, does anybody know why 
> this would happen wioth
> ldap 2.3.11 and bdb 4.3.29
>  root@server1:/database/openldap/openldap-data# slapadd -vwl
> /root/test.ldif slapadd: database doesn't support necessary operations.

No idea without seeing the slapd.conf.

Buchan Milne
ISP Systems Specialist

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