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Re: Corrupt LDAP DB ...

On 10/27/05, C.Lee Taylor <leet@leenx.co.za> wrote:
>         For quite some time, we seem to be getting corrupt LDAP DB.  LDAP just
> stops working and we can't restarted.  Have done slap slapindex -v -c,
> but that just hangs.


If i compare with our setup we used to have one LDAP server running on
Debian sarge (testing at the time) with version 2.1.30 and LDAP
clients running over v4/v6 also mostly on Debian.

It used to hang our server every once in a while (every month like).
We noticed after a while that the drive was dodgy which could have
explained the issue.

When we added the SAMBA schemas, we migrated to 2.2.x on FreeBSD 5. We
are currently running 5.4-STABLE with OpenLDAP 2.2.29 (from the
FreeBSD ports). We have one master (r/w) and a slave (ro). The slave
handles all LDAP queries on auth and the master handles all the
queries with Samba auth. Since then, no more crash.

We used to do a : db4.2_recover

It has been documented on some lists and you are encouraged to save
your /var/lib/ldap (or wherever you might find it) before attempting
this command. This is called disaster recovery and it means something.

Also, i am not sure from your limited config file but do you do
checkpoints and indexes ? If not you should.

Hope this helps,
"Step by step, penguins are taking my sanity apart ..."