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Blank Attribute - further question

In reference to the previous question from August:

>At 07:22 AM 8/11/2005, Ivan.Garcia@leroymerlin.es wrote:
>>adding new entry "uid=30000001,ou=people,ou=es- lm,o=corp.happyparty.com"
>>ldap_add: Invalid syntax (21)
>> additional info: mail: value #0 invalid per syntax
>>this appears when the mail attribute is blank, but when the mail attribute
>>is writted that´s all OK.
>If you example the technical specification for the LDAP syntax
>of the 'mail' attribute you will find that it doesn't allow
>empty values. Hence, slapd(8)'s response.

I am having trouble figuring out what it is about the mail attribute that indicates "can not be blank". I have a field that I need to create that has a good reason to be blank and am having serious problems figuring out how I would go about indicating that blank is acceptible. I may just be missing it, but I can't find anything in the docs I've been looking at.


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