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RE: installation problems

	I decided to try to install OpenLDAP on another computer to see if
anything else I had done might be conflicting.  Turns out something was
conflicting.  Now I am getting a BDB mismatch.  Did you do anything with the
bdb libs that Debian installed by default, or did you leave them alone?  By
default Debian installs bdb 4.3.27 (which the OpenLDAP is picking up on).


Dave Henderson

Distributed Computer Systems Analyst
Florida Department of Corrections
Phone: 407.207.7391            Suncom: 343.7391

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From: Samuel Tran [mailto:stran@amnh.org] 
Sent: Wednesday, October 19, 2005 2:46 PM
To: Henderson, David
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Subject: RE: installation problems

On Wed, 2005-10-19 at 13:59 -0400, Henderson.David@mail.dc.state.fl.us
> Sam, 
>         I have double checked all that you listed below and it still
> gives the same error at the same point.  TLS isn't a separate package
> from the OpenSSL one, right?  Also what did you do about the ssl
> libraries that are installed by Debian by default (0.9.7)?  Did you
> remove them before installing OpenSSL or did you just leave them be?

You cannot really remove the libssl0.9.7 Debian package since several
other packages depends on it. So I still have libssl0.9.7 package on my
systems. However I didn't install the libssl-dev Debian package.

Can you post the whole output of your configure?