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Re: how to best create a new slave server?

Dave Horsfall schrieb:
On Tue, 18 Oct 2005, matthew sporleder wrote:

I keep an unused local replica on my master server to help create new
servers.  This way, I don't ever have to shutdown the master to copy
all of the files.

With SyncRepl it's even easier; just configure the slave to suck over whatever you need, fire up "slapd", and stand back...

I never used SyncRepl, but after reading about it, I somehow feel that changes are replicated to the slaves not when the changes are made on the master (which is almost immediate with slurpd), but when a slave wants, i.e. slave queries the master several times an hour (and causing unneeded traffic sometimes, especially when there are many slaves).

Or do I perhaps understand SyncRepl quite wrong? :)

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