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Re: What is the glue overlay function?

sparklezou@hotmail.com wrote:
Dear all,

I'm puzzled about how to use glue overlay. Is it used to support multiple naming contexts in the same DS?

There is little point in talking about the glue overlay since its functionality has been folded back into the main slapd code (i.e., where it was in 2.2). It no longer exists as a separate module. This change was announced in the 2.3.7 changelog; the current release is 2.3.11. If you're working with a release that still refers to the glue overlay you should upgrade.

And in the Man, there is no example, so it's difficult to understand.

The slapo-glue man page has been removed from the distribution. See the slapd.conf(5) man page instead, look up the "subordinate" keyword.

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